Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mail Database Weirdness

I've been pretty quiet on here lately, mostly because it has been really busy. I want to find something good for Show-n-Tell Thursday but everything I find seems either too basic or too complex. Oh well, that's not what this is really about.

Lately, every time I open my mail database (Notes 6.5 client, regular mail template), it goes to one of my folders rather than to the Inbox. This happens in both my local and server replica. And it happens even after refreshing the design from the template. I can't find any setting that would provoke this behavior and it happens regardless of whether there is unread mail in the folder or the Inbox. I can close the database when I am in the Inbox and it still opens to the folder.

I have my Inbox open in a frame on my Welcome page but I'm not sure that matters either.

It isn't always annoying (sometimes it is) but it is really puzzling. I can't explain why it would happen and I can't make it stop! That whole last sentence is what bothers me. Any ideas of how to fix it? If I come up with something, I'll post it.


Chris Whisonant said...

I have seen issues in the past with displaying the Inbox in the "Workplace" type welcome pages, but that's not your problem probably. Here's what you need to do for your current folder issue (at least it's worked here for us...).

1 - Open your mail database properties.
2 - Click the Launch tab.
3 - Deselect the "Restore as last viewed by user."
4 - Close all of your Notes applications.
5 - Open Notes and your mail db again and then open the Inbox.
6 - Go back to the properties and enable the "Restore as last viewed by user."
7 - Close Notes again.
8 - Open Notes and your mail db and it should be working.

You may be able to do it without closing Notes, but if you have the Inbox open in the welcome page, you'll probably want to restart Notes after each change.

Don McNally said...

Chris, thanks for the quick post. I tried the steps but it didn't resolve the problem. It's probably one of those things that is buried deep in the user preferences file or something. Maybe I'll try it again or wait until we go to 7 and hope that takes care of it. Thanks again!

Chris Whisonant said...

Sorry that didn't work for you Don. Have you tried deleting cache.ndk and/or bookmark.nsf?

Don McNally said...

I didn't try those. I probably wouldn't delete bookmark.nsf because it isn't worth the hassle to me to rebuild all my bookmarks. But I may try deleting the cache file. Thanks for the suggestion!

Don McNally said...

Finally got it fixed. I deleted my cache file (which meant I had to rebuild my Workspace!) but that still didn't do it. I ended up deleting the folder itself and recreating it. That took care of it. I was able to do that because the folder is usually empty (I use it in conjunction with a rule to redirect messages from our server log monitor, so it is usually empty).