Thursday, April 12, 2007


I'm helping coach our son's Little League baseball team again this year. He is in his first year in Little Majors (kids pitching) and we had our first practice on Tuesday. It's too early to tell how things are going to go, other than that we only have one kid who has played Little Majors before.

But the weird thing, and the reason for the title of this, is that it was 48 degrees on Tuesday night and we practiced on a clear field. Wednesday, we got 5 inches of snow! Today it is a little warmer and rainy, and it is supposed to be near 50 tomorrow, but it isn't clear if we'll be able to practice tomorrow night.

Hope this weather straightens out soon. It's time for winter to be done!

SnTT: Toolbar Icon to Change Font Colors

This is a quick and dirty tip inspired by a request from a co-worker the other day. He wanted to know if there was a way to quickly change font colors in Notes, similar to the buttons available in Microsoft applications. I said I wasn't aware of one and couldn't locate one after some searching. So, since he's a good guy, and I like to keep people happy with Notes, I decided to write something quickly.

This is the code:
newcolor:=@Prompt([OkCancelList];"Choose a Color";"Choose the color to apply to the text: ";"Black";colorchoices);

I set the button caption to 'Change Font Color' and popup help to 'Change the font color' and chose the toolbar_paintblu.gif icon from the list of available icons.

Note that I said this was "quick and dirty". The code could probably be more efficient but it is functional. Note also that this button will work to set a font color at the insertion point or to change the color of selected text.