Thursday, May 18, 2006

SnTT: Taking Notes Podcast

I posted this suggestion on the Taking Notes Podcast blog but didn't get any feedback on it yet, so I'm going to try a bit of an experiment. The experiment is to see how far this blog reaches (not very far, I suspect).

At any rate, I find the Taking Notes podcast to be a good source of information - and it's entertaining a lot of the time too. If you haven't checked it out, do so, either from the blog site or through iTunes. Bruce posted today about some of the guests they have lined up for future episodes and they look good.

Now for the experiment: Bruce said in comments on the most recent podcast that they have about 1,000 listeners, which he thinks is pretty good. But I think there are a lot more people out there who could benefit from the podcast so let's spread the word. So, if you read this, are a Notes/Domino developer or admin (or are otherwise interested in Notes/Domino), listen to the podcast and have your own blog, publicize the podcast on your blog. And leave me a comment that you did (please!).

And keep up the good work, Bruce and Julian!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Don,

I have a link in my navigation bar since Bruce and Julian started to podcast. OK, ok, might be from episode 4 on :-)

And YES, I agree. The guys are doing a real good job !!

Anonymous said...

Well thanks guys! We appreciate the feedback. We would also welcome you as guest speakers :-)


Ben Poole said...

Taking Notes rocks. I have a permanent link to it on my site.


Ben "episode three" Poole

(sorry, couldn't resist ;-) )