Thursday, June 1, 2006

No Way!

I saw this from CNN and about fell out of my chair. From the article:
(Ted) Owen, who runs the Global Gaming League (GGL), a media company focused on the lifestyle and culture of gaming, is currently talking with the Chinese government in hopes of bringing competitive video gaming to the 2008 Games as a demonstration sport.

I love watching the Olympics, although a little less since the pros have taken over some of the sports (eg. basketball and hockey). I don't go for things like badminton or table tennis but I can see the people who play them as athletes. But video gaming? Sure, video gaming "does demand incredible hand-eye coordination" as the article says, but "arguably as much as golf and tennis"? In golf, you also have to walk the course and swing a club and tennis players run all over the court.

The only way I could accept this becoming an Olympic event would be if they played virtual reality games where they had to actually move around (as in "run") as part of the game. And it would only be grudging acceptance. Next thing you know, poker "athletes" will want medals for playing Texas Hold 'Em!

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Greg said...

You have GOT to be kidding! What's next, full contact chess?

I thought the Olympics were about sports. Maybe I still have a chance to make the Olympics yet! Woohoo.