Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lotusphere 2007: First Two Days

There are plenty of people posting a lot of information about what has been going on here, particularly around the opening general session and all the announcements, so I won't just repost all of that same information. But I do have some observations.

It was very cool to see and hear Neil Armstrong. We just got done listening to a biography of him ("book on CD" called First Man) and learned what a humble man he is. In that sense, he was a perfect choice to speak because I find that many people in the Lotus community are a lot like him: willing to give whatever they can to help others in the community and dedicated to the common good.

I've been to a couple of things on web services and a number of sessions on the new composite application capability in Notes 8. I'm REALLY excited about what is coming with the new client. The code I have seen so far seems a little slow, but I still have only seen beta code running. You can do very cool things and do them very easily.

I also wish I were more of a Java developer because the Eclipse IDE is INCREDIBLY cool. I'm hoping to see more about updates to Domino Designer and explore Component Designer a little too.

Got some good information on writing readable code (my manager saw the session as well so I suspect there may be some new standards coming).

JAMFest was fun. Some interesting characters around (especially one dancing guy who galloped around the floor much of the night) and a few trainwrecks from the band. A good time had by all.

Off to breakfast and another long day. But it is all worth it in the end.

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