Thursday, April 12, 2007

SnTT: Toolbar Icon to Change Font Colors

This is a quick and dirty tip inspired by a request from a co-worker the other day. He wanted to know if there was a way to quickly change font colors in Notes, similar to the buttons available in Microsoft applications. I said I wasn't aware of one and couldn't locate one after some searching. So, since he's a good guy, and I like to keep people happy with Notes, I decided to write something quickly.

This is the code:
newcolor:=@Prompt([OkCancelList];"Choose a Color";"Choose the color to apply to the text: ";"Black";colorchoices);

I set the button caption to 'Change Font Color' and popup help to 'Change the font color' and chose the toolbar_paintblu.gif icon from the list of available icons.

Note that I said this was "quick and dirty". The code could probably be more efficient but it is functional. Note also that this button will work to set a font color at the insertion point or to change the color of selected text.



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Unknown said...

I have used this approach for making toolbar-buttons for setting different styles/colors on text both in the client and in the designer.

In the designer, for instance, there is an option to add hidden comment. Red color, normal font, html-comment "syntax".

<!-- [result from prompt for hidden text] -->

Although the comment is not hidden (you can't control hide-when with formula), they follow my standard structure for hidden text. I have to manually hide the text after it's inserted.