Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Baseball....and hockey

The Little League season is off to a good start. Because we have only 5 teams in our division, one team gets a bye each night. But on opening day, our team played a double header of shortened games - and won both of them! I was out of town for the weekend but got the full report. Lots of walks and passed balls as you'd suspect but some good hitting and good plays too. Can't wait until Friday to actually see them play.

As for hockey, the K-Wings are in the second round after winning the first series in 6 and are tied at 1 game each heading into tonight's game at home. Two very evenly matched teams but the Wings will win if they play the fill 60 minutes. The Red Wings seem to have their hands full too. I don't want to be too pessimistic, but I think they have to win tonight to have a realistic shot at taking the series.

As Badger Bob used to say, "It's a great day for hockey!"

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