Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's been a week....

since both my Wings teams lost. The K-Wings lost 3-1 in game 7. They played tough but just couldn't get a win on the road in the finals. They still had a good season and the countdown has begun to the start of the next season. The worst part is that the IceHogs announced earlier in the year that they were leaving the league. It bugs me that a team that bolted wins the championship on their way out the door, but they played well enough to win so I have to give them that.

The Red Wings lost in 6. I think the Ducks basically just wore them down with the physical play. It didn't help losing Schneider but there were times when they didn't seem to have the intensity they needed. Interesting talk about the possibility of them going after Giguere this off-season. Guess if you can't beat him, get him to join you. He has looked pretty solid so far, but I still think I'd prefer to see Ottawa win it.

Add to these the funk the Tigers have been in the last week and the uphill battle the Pistons are fighting and it's kind of a tough time for Detroit sports lovers.

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