Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lotus-related Stuff

I have been pretty neglectful of posting here over the last few months. Part of it is not having much that I felt I could share, and part of it is not wanting to spend a lot of time putting together detailed posts for the few readers I suspect I have.

At any rate, I have spent a lot of time developing a database to gather statistics from our application databases. For example, the number of documents that are waiting for signoff by a particular role and the average number of days between signoffs of two different levels. It is created in such a way that statistics can be created by completing a form (look, Ma, no programming required!). Pretty cool, plus it includes things like doc linking back to the source documents (if you want) and a "heat map" to indicate the importance of the returned value. Not the stuff of an SNTT post though.

I also created a simple composite application in Notes 8. This is a neat concept but I hope they continue to improve it because there are some rough spots. Create an action button containing LotusScript code to define an event handler? It should be much simpler than that. But there is a lot of potential there.

Finally, I get to go back to Lotusphere! This will be a different experience because, due to increased attendance and late registration, I am not staying at the Swan or Dolphin. More planning will be required this year, for sure, since I won't be able to get to and from my room as quickly. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of the people I have met the last two years, and (of course) getting lots of ideas to come back and implement. This past year was a lot of new user interface ideas and I hope to get even more of those plus some other unexpected goodies.

Happy New Year!

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Charles Robinson said...

Glad to see you're still around, Don. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando again. :-)