Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lotusphere Tips

This is probably better written BEFORE Lotusphere, but I am going to put it down while these things are fresh in my mind.

  • Register early and stay at the Swan or Dolphin. It is SO much easier to be able to get to your room quickly and easily, especially if you hang out with people later in the evening on the Boardwalk. If you can't or don't want to stay there, plan to pay for cab rides: the Disney transportation system is good but it will take 30-45 minutes to get from the Boardwalk or Swan/Dolphin back to one of the other resorts.

  • Plan your travel to arrive by Saturday night and leave Thursday night or Friday. That way you can attend the full day of JumpStarts and take in Gurupalooza, Meet the Developers and the Closing General Session. Look at the Closing Session like dessert: it doesn't add to your technical knowledge, but is a reward for all the energy you've expended earlier in the week. My first year, I missed the Thursday afternoon sessions because they weren't mentioned anywhere that I saw. Now you know.

  • Try to get in early enough on Saturday to get registered at the conference. Then you have time to review all the materials you get and make sure your agenda is set. Of course, using the Sessions database that Ben Langhinrichs puts together helps with that, but getting registered Saturday lets you transfer all that information to your pocket agenda.

  • Find shortcuts among the Swan, Dolphin and Yacht & Beach. This will come with experience and exploration. Go outside to get between them (go through the pool/beach area or out the end of the Dolphin past the dining hall), go out the main Swan doors and along the sidewalk to get over to the conference areas, and find alternate entrances (I can't give away ALL my secrets :D ).

These are just a few ideas in addition to the other tips you can find. Hope you can use them.


Anonymous said...

>> This is probably better written BEFORE Lotusphere

AFTER the Sphere is BEFORE the Sphere.

Keith Brooks said...

And always carry a 6 outlet power strip, just in case you need it.