Thursday, October 29, 2009

SnTT: One Thing I've Learned

A few months ago, I developed a new interface to consolidate a number of our applications into what would look like a single-database application. The main part of the interface is a frameset in the “portal” database that consists of a top navigator frame and a bottom “main content” frame. The hotspot links in the top frame execute LotusScript code to write an environment variable to notes.ini that indicates the database server and path, element type and element name that should be opened, then targets the main content frame and opens a single-frame frameset whose content is computed using the environment variable.

Still with me? Anyway, this has worked really well with just a few oddities. Object focus is an issue sometimes, and I can’t get everything that opens in that frameset to update the window title properly (they say “Untitled” instead of the name of the application and view).

But the biggest problem I had was that some of the applications have buttons to create documents in the background and then display them when the build process is done. This is when the loss of focus becomes an issue. Notes seems to just lose track of where it is and does what appears to the user to be a random change of the view. Plus they don’t get the document (report) they are expecting. I can only attribute this to the nesting of objects (the code is in a button, which is in a view, which is in a frameset, which is in an application, and that application is contained in a frameset in another application).

Still there? When the document is built, I use NotesUIWorkspace.EditDocument to open it so the user can see it. The solution to the random (incorrect) behavior is to add the line Call NotesUIWorkspace.SetTargetFrame(“_blank”) before the EditDocument command. This forces the new document to open in a new tab. Plus, it works whether the application containing the code is open within my portal database or in its own tab, as if it were opened from a bookmark or the workspace.

I’d post a picture of the portal application, but I’m not sure I’m allowed yet. I will try to get a mockup of something I can post since that may help this make more sense.


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