Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Looking for an RSS reader?

I use an RSS reader application to keep up with some of the feeds I read. I use Thunderbird for some of them and I have tested Google Reader but I also use a dedicated RSS reader application for the majority of my feeds.

I started out with FeedReader but at version 2.9 it stopped working behind our firewall. I looked at SharpReader but it also had problems behind the firewall. Then I went to RSSReader and I liked it but it got to the point where it was getting very long in the tooth (read: it wasn't being updated).

Then I found RSSOwl (it was on a this list). It is a free open-source app built on Eclipse and, so far (since November), has met all my needs and expectations. It has kind of a cool interface in that each feed opens in a tab so you can switch from one feed to another and not lose track of where you were. It reads RSS, RDF and Atom feeds and I haven't hit one yet it couldn't read (RSSReader complained a lot about "broken" feeds).

Check it out if you like to use an RSS reader app and don't mind getting one for free.

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