Friday, June 15, 2007

SnTT: Open the Database Containing a Doc Link

This probably belongs on Alan Lepofsky's site - and maybe it's already there - but I thought it was pretty handy when I figured it out.

I've had lots of occasions where I get a doc link, open the linked document and then want to open the database to see other related documents. I had always gone to my workspace, located the icon for the database I just opened and clicked it to open the database. I figured there had to be an easier way and I finally found it:

Click View | Go up to Parent View.

This opens the view that contains the linked document. Action buttons can execute @Command([GoUpLevel]) to achieve the same effect.

This is probably not news to a lot of people but I just learned about it. Now, if only you could right click on the open document and see the option there...


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Timothy Briley said...

There's also a Toolbar icon for it that I've added to my doclevel context sensitive palettes.