Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Top 5 Side 1 Track 1

OK, no one's tagged me on this but I'm going to jump in anyway. I'm splitting the difference on "mainstream" stuff and "obscure" stuff, in case anyone wonders.

Journey "Frontiers": Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - I am a HUGE Steve Perry fan and I always say this is my favorite Journey song. The best thing for me is how Jonathan Cain described it in the Time3 box set: "We played it live and the audience came unglued."

Beatles "Abbey Road": Come Together - Gotta have some Beatles on it and this proved they could still make great music in the midst of personal turmoil.

Michael Hedges "Live on the Double Planet": All Along the Watchtower - OK, so this is a live album and not a song that he wrote, but I'm bending "the rules". All that sound is one man, one guitar. A great guitarist who died way too young.

Sass Jordan "Racine": Make You a Believer - Great female blues rock. She's not very big but rocks hard. I saw her once in concert from the front row.

David Broza "Stone Doors": Night in Wyoming - Another acoustic guitarist who I heard for the first time when he opened for Steve Perry. He does recording in English, Spanish and Hebrew and all of those influences are in his music as well. Interestingly, he takes poetry written by others and puts it to music.

Devin Olson (I know Phil already did, but Devin hasn't posted)
Ray Bilyk (I gotta have more cowbell!)
Mike Sobczak


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