Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Tonight is golf night. Hopefully it goes better than last week when I played reasonably well - on 7 holes. Two in a row out of bounds and hitting lots of trees don't do anything positive to the score.

Last week I registered at Facebook and found a group of Notes/Domino Geeks. We'll see if anything comes out of that. Facebook is kind of fun overall though.

I bought a new set of speakers for my home computer. The old ones were about 7 years old (Boston Acoustics) and were beginning to have issues with dropping out. I had to jiggle the cables to get sound out of one side. I bought a set of Bose Companion 3 speakers (apparently Series I since BestBuy is selling Series II) and so far I LOVE THEM! I have to get the bass part adjusted properly because they boom too much on songs with "dance beats" and lose the bass line. Worth the money in my mind.

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