Thursday, May 11, 2006

Podcasts? RSS?

As a person in the technology field, it amazes me how many techies don't know about some of the latest tools available to them. Take Bruce's RSS presentation for example; how many of you use RSS feeds to keep up on news and/or blogs? If you do, how many fellow techies do you find that you have to educate about RSS?

Another thing is podcasts. Of course, you listen to more than music on your iPod/portable music device -- don't you? Beyond Taking Notes, there are lots of others on tech to help you keep up on the news or learn new things. For now I have settled on two: Gillmor Gang which, if you can get beyond Steve G's occasional "Notes is Dead" (set him straight, Ed!) screeds, has a lot of good thinking on tech trends and directions; and Mobility Today, which talks a lot about portable technology (phones, PDAs, small form-factor computing) - just watch out for the periodic and inconsistent rants.

Find some fun ones too - but not too many or you'll never have time to listen to music again!

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